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[ l9 1 < and both agreed, that the undertaking could only be accomplilhed by flow degrees. The Heps adopted for this purpofe were on one fide, to forbid the exportation of (laves, to throw the Have trade into 'the hands of Chriftians, who ought to know their common duties, and to make fome regulations concerning a humane* treatment of the flaves. On the other hand, laws were pafTed, that oppofed the home traffic, and rendered it as difficult as poffible. In the year 779, Charles the Great pafTed a law, that no Have fhould be exported out of his dominions *; and in the council at Reims* it was enafted, that the Have trade fhould only be car- ried on by Chriftians; and that a man who fold his flaves either to a Jew or a Heathen, fhould be excommunicated, and that the contrail be void f. Kidnapping was however very frequent among the Chriftians, particularly in Nordalbingia (the prefent dukedoms of Schlefweg and Holftein) who ufed to force thofe Chriftians, who had fled to them from their Heathen neighbours, to re- enter the flavery, and fuffer themfelves to be re- fold to their former mafters; till at length St* * Baluzii Capitularia, t. 1. p. 144. t Synodus Aurelianenfis, iv. c. 50, B 2 Anfchar,

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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