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 £ 7 1 « mark of filver. I will fee, faid Holkold, the (( quantity of filver at prefent in my purfe, which « was hung on his girdle, then he called for tl9e ‘c Jcales. Gilli feeing this, obferved, that no im- tf pofition in this affair ftiould be laid to his tc charge; on account of which he thought it tc but juft to acquaint the intended purchafer, tc that the woman was fubjeCt to a remarkable t( defeCh Holkold was impatient to know what tc it might be* Gilli foon gratified him, in let- " ting him know that Ihe was dumb : and not- tc withftanding, continued the merchant, I have <c endeavoured by various means to induce her u to fpeak, thefe have all proved ineffectual.— “ Hofkold again demanded the fcales, and de~ <f fired to fee how much the purfe contained. <c Gilli obeyed j and having weighed the filver* " found it exaftly to amount to three marks. <c Having clofed the bargain, Holkold took the “ female (lave, and acknowledged, that Gilli “ throughout the whole had dealt with candour.” In all the places aforefaid, human beings were however as often exchanged for horfes, arms, and loaves of bread and meat, as fold for money. Thus Lullus, the archbilhop of Mentz, aflerts, that he faw a horfe exchanged for a male Have *; and, according to Schannat, a female one was * Epiltola inter Bonifacianas, C. A 4 fold

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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