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FOREWORD Tliis exhibit of American water colors and reproductions of American and European Paintings is, in a certain sense, a small tribute to the acliievements of Iceland in the fields of the visuai and other arts. It is a recognition of the enormous interest in paint- ing which exists in this country — an interest that extends beyond the remarkable achieveinents of modern Icelandic artists to tliose of artists in otlier nations of the world. There has been brought together liere a group of water colors by rnany of the most distinguished American painters — a group that constitutes, I think, a fair cross section of American art today. These water colors liave been loaned for exhibition in Iceland through the courtesy of the Whitney Museum of American Art. To these water colors, whicli constitute the core of the show, liave been added a group of large color reproductions of traditional American and European art. While tlie selection of these re- productions lias been limited by what is available now in wartime, and tlms gives by no means a complete picture of the development of American art, from it can be gained some impression of the principal interests of artists in the United States from the 18th Century down to the present day. The art of a country is one of the most direct and lionest reflec- tions of tlie interests and attitudes of mind of its people. Art cannot pretend to be anything other than wliat it is, and so by studying it, we can learn a great deal about tlie people that produced it. Tlius it seems to me tliat exhibitions such as this one can be of greal value in furtliering a mutual understanding wliich is so essential in tlie maintenance of friendly and peaceful relations between nations. LELAND MORRIS American Minister to Iceland.
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