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[ *7 ] Byrger in the year 1295 ; and King Eric Mag*- nufon fpread the bleffing of liberty over the reft of that kingdom ,in the year 1335> f°r the pur- pofe, as he faid, of following God, who has ref- cued the whole mankind from Slavery *. It was but late that Slavery was abolifhed in Scandinavia, yet I am happy to fay, that the confequences were entirely different from thofe in moft other countries. Every where but in Norway, Iceland, and Sweden, a new clafs of human beings called Glehe adfcr'rpti arofe, who were nothing more than Slaves, except that they could not be exchanged and fold as brutes, or without the land, with refpeft to which, they were confidered as cattle. This defcription of people were likewife {tiled Villani. Therefore, when the ancient laws and hiftorians of the middle age fpeak of the abolition of (lave trade, it is not to be underftood as if all fervitude ceafed at once -t that fuppofition is diredtly contrary to the tefti- mony of a multitude of authentic records, and other faithful accounts. The truth is, that an abfolute flavery was changed into a limited one, in which human beings were fecured from the arbitrary difpofal of a capricious mafter. * The Weft Gothic Law. From

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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