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[ 28 3 From the preceding extracts it appears, that Slavery is a neceffary evil attending upon na- tions in a Hate of uncivilization and barbarifm; and that very great efforts, for a continued length of time, are required to extirpate it. Europe would never have attempted, much lefs have effefted, the happy alteration that has univerfally taken place within her own borders, unlefs {he had firft received the humane doftrines of Chrif- tianity. This however was the work of centu- ries, and of men who facrificed their own eafe to the good of mankind. And we may reafonably conclude, that without the knowledge of true morality, and of that philanthropy which is bell taught by the Gofpels, without a fettled life em- ployed in agriculture and arts, in fcience and manufactures, it is impoffible for the inhabi- tants of the Gold Coaft to live free from thofe evils which introduce Slavery, or what is worfe, the horrid murders of their captives by the fword or the fire, to glut revenge, or appeafe fuperftition. It will not be an eafy matter for all the ftates of Europe to agree in paffing a general law for the abolition of the Slave Trade; but it will be ftill more difficult to prevent the African ffiores from reeking with the gore of young and old taken captive by an enemy, who, when the Slave Trade

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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