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C 30 ] and commercial intereft, fee her plantations nc~ gledted and reftored to their natural wildnefs for want of hands to cultivate them ? can fhe give up with indifference thofe millions whom fhe might fave from brutal tyrants, and place in a flate of fervitude comparatively happy ? I myfelf hate every branch of Slavery, yet I wifh that of the Negroes to be Hill continued, under the eyes of government, whofe duty it is to demand accounts of the treatment of the flaves during their voyage to the Weft Indies. Here let the purchafers be reftrained in their bargains to a certain term of years, after which the Have to be free: in the mean time forbid the mafter to have power over the lives of his flaves, and give him not the fmalleft right to mutilate or torture them *. Let the mafter be obliged to in- dulge his flaves in certain leifure hours to attend the teachers of the gofpel, who fhall inftruft them in the eftablifhed religion; for here, I believe the miffionaries will do more good than in Africa, at leaft this is the firft objeft. Let the flaves have what the Romans call Peculium, * Capitulare. Libr. vi. c. 14. Si percufferit quifpiam oculum fervi fui aut ancillai, et lufeos cos fecerit, dimittat cos liberos pro oculo quern eruit. Dentem vero fi excufierit fervo vel ancilbe fimili fententia fubjacebit. a fmall

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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