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IN ICELAND 13 8.° ff. [48]; sigs : Aij—Fiij. T.-p. and all follow- ing pages in borders (arabesque, white on black) as used in the middle of the 17th century. Paginal catch- words ; no running titles ; pagesinclusive of border 13x8; page-lines 21. Contents : T-p., rev. bl.; Texten j Open- beringar Bokeiie. | 21. Cap., f. 2ab; sermon, ff. 2b— 43b, ending with: Ender Bcrklingsins. — Erasmus Winther (1548-1611) was a German theologian and psalm- ist. Bishop Þorlákur Skúlason appears to have rendered this homiletic tractate directly from the German as no Danish version is found. There wasa subsequent edition of this translation (Skálholt 1G93) to which wasattached, as an appendix, an extract (Bdk V., cap. 12) of Ph. Nico- lai’s “Speigill eilifz lijfs” froin the version of Bp. Guð- brandur Porláksson (Bruun I. coll. 425, 543 and B. M. Cat. 3 and 7). The collection likewise possesses thelGÍ)3 edition to which the extract of Nicolai’s work was joined, as well as the complete 1G08 edition of that work. 17. Dauids | Psaltare | Aled | Formala D. Marth. | Luth. og þeirre stuttre Suuiu | edur jnehallde sem han hepur gi | 0rt J'per sierhu0rn | Psalm. | Prentadur a Hoolum | j Hiallta dal, Epter Bon « | Forlæge þess Froma, Veluijsa Æ- | ruverduga Heidurs Manns, I Thorleips Magnus sonar|ad Hlijd- arenda. [ Anno 1647. 8.° ff. [180]; sigs. [1], A—Y (the last in 4); title- pagc in renaissance border ; ornament and initials ; pagi- nal catchwords ; in the present copy a few of the lines on the title-page, all initials, all ornaments, and theheadings of the psalms are hand-coloured in lightblue, which prob- ably is not due to the printer, but rather to some owner of the book. Contents: — Title-page; Formailen yfer allan Psaltarann ff. la-7b; Summaria yfer allan Psalt- aran D. Marth. Luth., ff. 7b-Sb ; text (I—CL Psalm.\ ff. 9a — 182a, at end of text; Ender Psalltarans, fol- lowed by an ornament, final page blank.— I’orleifur Mag- nússon (á HlíðarendaJ, sýslumaður of Rangárvallasýslu, at whose instance the edition was published was son of Magnús Jdnsson called “hinn prúði” (themag- nificent), sýslumaður of Barðastrandasýsla. — The collec- tion possesses a subsequent edition of the psalter, namcly Hdlar 1075 (see Bibl. Not.V. no. G). Of thc metrical version of the psalter by J<5n I’orsteinsson it has two editions : Hólar 1GG2 (see Bibl. Not. I. no. 10), and Hólar 174G (B. M. Cat. 9). The present copy is in the original binding and with a few names of owners and dates (1671, 1G84, 1738) on the fly-leaf. 18. Postilla | Þad er | Einfolld Skiir | og stutt vtlegging yfer þaug | Evangelia, sem veniulega kiend|verda j Kyrkiusopnud- enum, a sierhul0rium Drottins Deige, e 0d- rum| Lpghelgum rnrid j Uring.|SUripud pyrst j þysUu Maile | af M. Anders Pangratio. | En a Norrænu wtsett af þeim | Virduglega Herra. | H. Gudbrande Thorlakssyne|(Lop- legrar Miningar) | Apoc. 2. Cap. Sa sem Evru hepur, sltilie hu|ad (Guds) Ande seig- er Sppuudenum. | Preutud ad nyu a Hool- um | Anno 1649. Annar Part|ur þessarar BooUar, hepur| jnne ad hallda Evangelia, frai | Trinitatis, jnn til Ad | uentu. | □ | 1. Tessal. 5. |And- ana þa Uiefied ecUe, Spa | domana por- smaed eclte, Reyn | cd alla Hlute, og bij- hallded | þui liuad Gott er. | Aa. For description of this work sec Bibl. Not., V, no. 3.; the colleclion had at that time a fragmentary copy, but is now in possession of a complete one, only a few leaves at the end of it are little frayed. The letters Aa given at the end of the title of the second part are the signature ; in two fragmentary copies the letter A which alsoappears at the bottom of the title-page is the catchword, butisnot found in ihe complcte copy, the title of which is given above. ** 19. Genesis Psalmar.| Sem sa Æru| verduge Goode og Gud|hrædde Kieneman.| Saluge S. Jon Porsteins son|Soknarprestur fordum, j Vestmana Ey | Um, Og sijdan Guds H. Pijslaruottur, [ Hepur samsett, a vort Islendska Tungu* | mail. Prentader epter Boon og Osk hanns[Elskulegra Sona, S. Jons Jons Sonar, I’ro | pasts j Borgar- pyrde, Og S. Porsteins Jons= | Sonar, Sem og eirnen þess Saluga, Goda og. | vel For- sokta Manns, Jons JonsSonar Ve« |stmans, þeirra Brodurs. Gude til Lops | Enn þeim til Gagns sem slijltt | vilia IdUa. | Psalm. 102. | þctta verde ritad vppa epterkoman* de Kjmkuijsler, Og þad Folk sem skap.|ad skal verda, mun lopa DRotten. | A Hoolum j Hialltadal | Anno. 1652. 8.° ff. [68]; sigs. A—T (the last in 4). Paginal catchwords; no running titles; page-lines 2-1 ; page 12x7; 3-line and 4-line Gothic initials, printer’s orna- ments on f. 2b and f. 68b (preceded by the words Ender GenesisPsaltna.). Contents: — T-f. on rev., pre- face (Gudhracddum Lesara,) signed at end, f. 2b, Thor- lakur Skula | Son.; text, hymns I—L, fí. 3 a - 68 b. The type becomes smaller with the XLIX Psalm, f. 65b, having thereafter 31 page-lines to the end. — The author was killed July 18, 1627, in the Westman islands, where he was pastorof the church, in consequence of the invasion of the islands and of the adjoining coast by a band of Algerine pirates. He was a hymnologist of great genius and among other similar verse translated David’s psalms into his native tongue (publ. 1GG2 and 174G). These hymns based on the book of Genesis have been frequently reprintcd. l’he present is a good and complcte copy of the first edition, a similar one being in the posscssion of the Rojml Library at Copenhagen (I.ruun I. col. 378). This collection and that of the Bri- tish Museum (sce B. M. Cat., 5) have imperfect co- pies of tlie cd. of Hólar 1G78; while the Copenhagcn li- brary, the British Museum and thepresent collection havc excellent copies of the ed. of Hólar 1753. But Nycrup and Kraft cite (p. G13) an issueof Hól. lG62(and another of 1746), while the lists of thcHistoria Ecclesiastica men- tion (III. 727) editions of Hólar 1664, 1G65 and 1G79. Some of these dates must be errors. The 1753 issue is styled on the title page the fourth. The author in allusion to his tragic death is known in Icelandic history as Jón Písl- arvottur (that is the Martyr). [The collection is in pos- session of a beautiful, illuminated 17th century MS. of the Davids sálmar by Jón Porsteinsson, and also a MS. of these Genesis sálmar. The two M SS. are of different date, but have been bcund in one volume, which on the front cover bears the initials H. S. D. and on the back the date 1GS2. The Davids sálmar MS., the elder one, is all writ- ten by one hand and of a much finer workmanship than the Genesis sálinar MS., which is written by at least two hands and evidcntly with theintention of makingit mntch the earlier MS. There are a few marginal notes in the first MS. in different handwriting from that of the original The volume was acquircd recently from H- H. J. Lynge
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