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BOOKS PRINTED IN ICELAND BETWEEN 1578 AND 1844. [FOURTH LIST]. * 1. Passionall | Piisl og Piina | vors Herra Jesu Christi, sa- | man lesen af þúm fiorum Gudspialla | Mönum, Med fögrum Figurum | og IIiaj"tnæmum Gudleg-| um Bæ- num. fs/’c] | Vngdomenum | og þeim einp0ll| du til Gagns og Gooda. | □ | Prentad a Holum.------| Anno. M. D. XC. VIII. 8 ° ff. [84];sigs. A—L (the last in 4). A very imperfect copy of this extremely rare book, which is not noted by Bruun“ (Bibliotheca Danica”) nor by Nyerup and Kraft and is not to be found, as is believed, in any collection in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. It is cited, however, in Worm's Lexicon over danske, norske og islandske lœrde Mœnd (II. 481) under the name of the translator. Bishop Guöbrandur Lorláksson, (Thorlaksen, G.) thus:- “Passionale, ib. [*Hólar] 1598. 8°. Igien oplagt 16C5. 8° under Titel: ‘Schematographia sacra’ ” This is copied by Gjessing in his Jubel Lœrere (I. 1779, p.170) Thc book was originally coinpiled and written by Luther (Grásse, IV, 306) and entitled: “Passio von dem Leyden vnsers Iíerrn Jesu Christi nach historischer Beschreibur.g der 4 Evangelien. Weiter folgen vil schöner Gebet. Nurn- berg 1552. in 8°”. Grásse states that the book contained 47 wood-cuts by Vergilius Solis, a noted engraver of the day, at that time under forty years of age. Thepresent copy lacks sigs. Aij to viij (inclusive), Biij, iiij, v, vj, Cij, vij, viij, D and D viij, E and E viij, I and I ij, and L (15 ff- out of84). -If the nuinbcr of Solis’ attractive en- gravings designed as illustrations of the biblical passages cited, were the same as in the original German issue, 7 of the 47 have been lost. The “Schcmatographia” of 1695 (given by Worm, as we have secn, as a reprint of the “Passionall”) has the wood-cuts, generally much worn, and adds an appendix, which is entitled: "Krossganga. |So skripa IJeir g0inlu Lærepedur, og þeir adrer sein vand- lega hapa Epterleit- | ad og ransakad þa Atburde sem skiedu epter Þad þa Herraii Christur haii var | dæmd- ur tíl Dauda,” occupying thc last four pages. Amid the matter of which we are deprived by the defectivencss of this copy of the earlier edition is the preface by Luther. The contents are passages froin scripture, interspersed with prayers, each prayer filling a single page. The book closes at tne end of a pravcr on the revcrse of the final leaf, with the word FINIS. Evcry prayer opens with a 2-line or4-line Gothic initial. I ines 2, 3,4, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12 of thc title*page are in red; between lines 9 and 10 is an in- tertwined bókahnútur or knot-like printer’s ornament, while similar but sinaller ones are found at the bottom of sig. Fiij rev. and on the obverse of Hij. Thc earliest of the reinaining wood-cuts depict Noah’s Ark, the Col- umn of fire, the Giving of the Laws, and the Serpent in the desert. The following ones relateto the life of Christ. beginning with the Annunciation and closing with the Ascension. There are two sizes of type, beside the initials and thc larger title-page letters. Cuts and pages, 10 x 7. 2. Speigell | þess Synduga | Þad er [ Si0 godar Idranar predikan- | er vm þessa Heitns Eymd Sorg og | Nej-d, Og huörnen sa Synduge skule | sier aptur snua til Guds sijns, og j verda Satluholpen. | Skriftid j fyrstu af Jeroin-tno | Sauanarola, [s/c] og sijdan vtlagdar bœdi j | Þysku og Dpnsku: Eii a Islen- | sku vtlagdar | afj Gudntunde Einars Syne. Ano 1597. | 2. Corinth. 5. | Vier hliotum aller ad open- berast | frame fyrer Domstole Clirists, vppa þ | ad huer ein 0dlest a sijnum Lijkama, ep- | ter þui sem han hefur adhafst, sie þad | gott eda jllt. At cnd: Þryckt a Holum, | Anno M. D. XC. VIII. 8°. ff. [64], sigs. A—H; on the title-page the lines 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, are in red; paginal catchwords; printer’s ornament at end of the preface and on f. 636; 3-line initials; page-lines 27. Contents: T.-p.; Til Lesarans, by Bishop Guöbrandur Þorláksson, ff. 1 b-2b; text(fyrsta— siöunda predikun), ff. 3a-61b; Nöckrar Greiner hliodande vppa þessarPredikaner, ff. 62a-63b; þessar si0 Predikaner eru so settar (table of contents), followed by the colo- phon, f. 64a; final page blank.—Besides having a few injured leaves the present copy lacks A i-iij and Hviij (the finalleaf); of these the title-page is replaced by a photograph from the copy in the National Library Reykjavík, the other pages (Aib-Aiiib, Hviija) are suppliccl in MS. As far as we know only one completc copy of this book is in existence, nainely that of the National Library at Reykjavík.—As stated on the title page this work was translated into German, the trans” lator being Michael Lindener (b. 1520) and of his trans" lation we have found four editions; the first one was printed at Wittenberg 1560 with following title: “Sibcn schöner tröstlicher Predig., vonn dem seeligen vnd heyligen Mann Hyeronymo Sauonarola in Latein gestellt, Vnd jetzund aufs erst durch Michael Lindener Poetcn allen Christen zu Nutz vnnd Trost verteutscht. Darinn der Welt Elend, jammer vnnd noth abgemalet. Darzu wie man Buss thun soll, vnnd seelig werden. Wittcin- berg. Anno M. D. LX.” This edition has a dedicatory preface to the mayor and the council of the city of Ulm, and is dated Wittenberg 1567. The 2d edition is printed at Niirnberg 1571, and the 3d and the 4th editions are printed at the same place 1557 and 1582 by Valentin Newber. All these three last editions have the title: “Des Siinderes Spiegel. Siben schöner trostpre- dig etc”. Michael Lindener is bcst known as the author of the humoristic works: “Katziporj” and “Das Rast- biichlein” both of which appeared in 1558 and “wenigsten hart an der Grenze der Schmutzliteratur stehen;” he was first “famulus” of Luther’s antagonist. Dr. Hierony- mus Dungersheim of Ochsenfurt, but was later conver- ted to thc Lutheran faith and has besides the present
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