(4) Blaðsíða 4 (4) Blaðsíða 4
4 PRELIMINARY NOTE. vising the old catalogue it was irapossible to carry out.” He therefore obtained the ser- vices of tvvo Icelandic cataloguers who came to Florence for that winter and began, under his supervision, the task of remaking the card catalogue. In succeeding winters this work was intermittently continued by Mr. Halldór Hermannsson, who has sincc been placed in charge of the Icelandic collection. Among the additions made to the collection in these later years there provedto be so many works which fell within the period covered by his former supplements to the Britisli Museum Catalogue that Mr. Fiske began the preparation of a fourth supplement, transcribing and annotating the new titles with the same fulness of bibliographical detail as in the previous issues. But wliile engaged upon this list he began to write his book on Chess in Iceland, which was passing through the press at the time of his death, and consequently his work upon the lcelandic titles was greatly interrupted. After his death alist of the books he intended to include in this fourth supplement was found, together with the transcriptions and annotations of the titles so far as he had been able to prepare them. Tliose wliich he left incomplete have been re- viscd and annotated by Mr. Hermannsson, and the completed list is now issued by Mr. Fiske’s Executors as Bibliographical Notices No. VI. The list as printed comprises 142 titles, including some interesting rarities. An asterisk prefixed to the title number denotes that the title, with its annotation, was completelv prepared and revised for printing by Mr. Fiske himself; a double asterisk denotes that the description prepared by Mr. Fiske has been revised and, when necessary, completed by Mr. Hermannsson. The titles not thus distinguished have been entirely transcribed and annotated bv Mr. Hermannsson who lias alsocompiled the General Indexto thefour Icelandic lists contained in Nos. I. IV. V. and VI. of tbcBibliographical Noticcs. So far as possible with the resources available the present list follows the typographical form and details of the previous lists, but in a few cases it has been found necessary to represent in italics some of the archaic characters which could not be exactly reproduced. G. W. HARRIS. CoRNELL UNIVERSITY LlBRARY, October, 1907.
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(4) Blaðsíða 4
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(36) Blaðsíða 36
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(38) Blaðsíða 38
(39) Blaðsíða 39
(40) Blaðsíða 40
(41) Blaðsíða 41
(42) Blaðsíða 42
(43) Blaðsíða 43
(44) Blaðsíða 44
(45) Blaðsíða 45
(46) Blaðsíða 46
(47) Blaðsíða 47
(48) Blaðsíða 48
(49) Saurblað
(50) Saurblað
(51) Saurblað
(52) Saurblað
(53) Band
(54) Band
(55) Kjölur
(56) Framsnið
(57) Kvarði
(58) Litaspjald

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