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8 BOOKS PRINTBD translator as Clostervad (Janus Nicolai). A second Da- nish version, that of Niels Mikkelsen Aalborg, wasissued in 1029. To the collection belongs another copy lacking fl. Ee viij, Ffand Ff viij, Kk and Kk viij, and havingthe last page (Qq viij a) supplied in MS. — This present number is a revised title, reproduced from Bib. Not. I. no. 2. * 8. ISiblia parva. | Edur | Almeneleg- ur | Catechismus, med sialp | um Ritning- arenar Ord | um, stuttlega vtlagdur. |Vr Latinu maile a Norrænu, | Ap S. Arngrijme Jonsvne|Anno Domini MDXC. | Psalm. 119. Ord þitt Drotten er Lampe Fota | minna * Lios a mijnum Vegum. j Gal 3. | Hier er ecke Gydingur nie Grisk- | ur, Hier er ei Þræll nie Frelsinge, | Hier er ei Kall nie Kuinna, þui þier | erud allersaman eitt j Christo Jesu, | En fyrst þier erud Christi, Íja eru | þier Abrahams Sæde, ? epter Fyr erheitenu Erpingiar. At end'. Anno Christi MDCXXII. sm. 8.° ff. [40], sigs. A—E. The t.-p. and all subsequent pages are in the 6 piece arabesque white on black border in use at this period at Hólar. The text be- gins on the rev. of the t.-f. with a C-line Gothic initial, is in thecatechetical form and divided into CXXIII sections or queries, the first one being : I. Hwf>r cr pijn einka Huggun, bœdej \ Lijfcnu * Daudanum ?, f. lb — the last one: Atnen. Huad. erþad?, followed by an expla- nation of the word, then by FINIS and the date, f. 40b The decalogue (LXXXV Huad er Lýgmzal Drotiens?) occupies ff. 28a-29a. The answers to the following questions (LXXXVI—CVIII), ff. 29a-3Cb, constitute a commentary on the decalogue. The section IVm Bœnctia fills the remainder of the book (CIX-CXXIII). Catchwords; no running titles. —The title-page date is that of the translation, the first edition of which was prin- ted in 1S9G (12.° ff. [54] and, like this at Hdlar, see Bruun, I. col. 2G0. The booklet is really a rendering of Luther’s Catechismus Minor, which was published at Wittemberg in 1529 in both German and Latin, it appeared in Icelandic and Latin at Hólar in 1708 (Bibl. Not. IV. no. 37). The first version of Luther’s Lesser Catechism was made by Bp. Guðbrandur in 157C, probably from the Danish of Peder Palladius. — The present copy of this second edition of the Biblia Parva is every way complete. * 9. Spnn | Gudrækne og | Kiærleike Christe-| legur. | Latine. | Caræ Pietatis et Ra-|ræ Caritatis Incendium. | Skripad ap Ottone Casmanno. | Enn a Norrænu wtlagt, ap Sij-|raJone Biarnar syne,| j Prestholum. | 1 Timoth4. | Gudræknen er til allra Hluta nyt-jsamleg Hapande þessa Lijps Fyrer- | heit, í so hins epterkomanda, Petta | eru vissuleg Saninde, r Dyr | inætt Verdugt Ord. At end of text f. [112}a: Pryckt a Holum j Hialltadal.|Anno epterGuds Burd.| MDCXXII. 8.° ff. [120] ; sigs. A—P. Each page in a C-piece arabesque, white on black border. 4-line Gothic initial at the beginning of the first Formaxle, on the reverse of t.-p. ; printer’s ornament between the word FINIS and the colophon on f. 112a, and another on f. 118a; re- verse of the final folio blank. The copy has t.-p. and f. Aij supplied in exact facsimile, and the slightdefectsof f. Aiij and f. Pv similarly supplied. Catchwords, no run- ning titles. Contcnts: — Title - page, on reverse the preface Aullum Gudræknum Móit | um, ff. lb-Cb; Annar Formmle, ff. 6 b - 11 a ; text (Fyrste — Fiorde Partur), ff. lla - 112a terminating with the colophon and having the rcverse blank ; Vpvakning | og aeggiun til Gudrækn | eilar, í Kiœrleikans, ff. 113a-118a; Ein Bœn, vm sanna Gud- | rækne, ff. 118 a-120 a. — Otto Cassman, the author, was a German ecclesiastic of note (d. 1007). There appears to be no Danish version and the work was therefore translated directly from the Latin original. This is the sole edition of the Icelandic ren- dcring.—The translator, Rev. Jóú Bjarnason (not Bjarn- arson) — or as he wrote his name in Latin, Johannes Bernhardi—published also about at that time (1G22-24) his version of Catonis Disticha. ** 10. Cato. | vel. | distica moralia | Catonis | Þad Er | Hugsvins mail eda Heil- ræde | Snuen j Liodalag og Vijsna, Oprod| ura Vngdome, og lijka þeim elld | re til Nyt- semdar, semHygginde|hapa kiær, oggodum Sid | um gegna vilia. |Ap|Sijra Jone Biarnar syne. | Dicta septein sapientv[m] | Grecig, Latine & Vernacule. | Þad er | Spakmæle si0 Gricklands | Spekinga. | Svlpicivs de civili- tate | Morum. | Vm Hegdan og Hæversku þeirra | sem sidsamer vilia vera. 8.° ff. [43 + 3; sigs- A—F (the last in 4?); in Gothic and Latin letter; catchwords; running titles; printer’s ornament (lion’s head on supported scroll etc.), f. 4b; page-lines, 27 or 28; page 11. 8x7. 1. Contents:—T.-p; introductory distichs (.47 Latin + 47 Icelandic), ff. 1 b- 4 b ; LIBER PRIMVS [—QVARTVS] | Catonis, ff. 5 a - 27 b ; DICTA SEPTEM SAPIENTVM | GRE- CIAE SELECTIORA, | Latine et Vernacule | A: J: ff. 28 a-3Gb; JOHANNIS SVLPICII DE | Civiltate morum, ff. 37 a - 43 a; ORATIO DO- | MINICA, f. 43ab; BENEDICTIO MENSÆ, f. 43 b; GRA- TIARVM ACTIO POST | sumptum cibum., f. 43 b- 44 a ?. — The more complete of the two known copies of this book, printed at Hólar apparently about the years 1G22-1G24. The title-page bears no place-name or date; but it seems probable that the volume terminated with the fourth folio of sig. F (or 44th leaf)—which leaf is lacking, and that this missing folio contained a colophon, giving both place and year. Unfortunately the other of the two copies also lacks the final leaf as well as the preceding one (í. e., the final two folios of sig. F.). The second copy is to be found in the Arna-Magnæan collection of MSS. (and books), in the Copenhagen University Lib- rary, which likewise had, at one time, two other very fragmentary copies which have now disappeared. The Copenhagen copy is thus described : “The last printed leaf existing is Fij, the reverse of which ends thus : Ablue, cum mensam descrts atqvc labra [Catchword in Gothic :] Ætijd. The rest of the book is lost. After Fij, there are inserted 30 blank leaves, on the first page of which, answering to the lacking Fiij obv., the final lines of the distichs of Sulpicius (13 in number) have been somewhat incorrectly written as a continuation of the preceding printed page. Neither the “Oratio Dominica”, nor the “Benedictio Mensæ”, nor the “Gratiarvm actio” are to be found in this copy.” But the Copenhagen copy is, in one respect, slightly more pcrfect than the present one. The printed matter of title-page is equally legible in both copies, but while the Copenhagen one has the reverse of the t-f. complete, in this one the running title (Fyrsta Bok) at the head of f. lb, as well as the first few letters of many of the lines on this page have been frayed off. The whole of this second page, restored by the aid of the Arna-Magnæan copy is here reproduced :
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