(17) Blaðsíða 13 (17) Blaðsíða 13
Supplement to the Antiquitates American*:. 13 of wood, and only a very few of stone, cathedral churches and a few castles forming almost the only excepfions. The employment of wood instead of stone, even in the erection of public buildings, has been adhered to in many parts of Norway down to the latest times, and even in our own days we find in many, if not in a great majority of instances, the country churches in Norway built of wood. The earliest settlement in Vinland occurs in the llth century, when wooden edifices were far more general than in the subsequent centuries1. The country abounded with building timber, which the Northmen exported thence to Greenland. It is natural, therefore, to conclude that also in Vinland itself they made use of this material in the construction of their dwelling houses, as is likewise confirmed by the Sagas, which expressly call the great houses (mikil hus) erected by Leif and Thorfinn Karlsefne bubir, i. e. wooden houses2. Wood is a substance very subject to decay. The wooden buildings which were erected in Vinland in the llth and 12th centuries must have long ago perished. After the 13th century it seems probable that the Northmen gradually intermixed with the Aborigines of the country, as was the case in a some- what later period in Greenland. They accordingly more and more lost their original civilization, and as the con- nexion with the mother country in the subsequent centu- ries ceased to he upheld, they gradually degenerated into a state of savagism, no longer erecting such buildings, Of this and tiie succeeding century are the wooden churches delineated and described in J. C. C. Dahl’s admirable work, “Dcnkinale eincr sclir ausgebildelcn Holzbaukunst aus den friihcsten Jahrhundcrtcn in den inncrn l.andschafien Xonvegcns, Dresden 1837”. — Ant. Ain. 32, 40, 57, CO, 155.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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